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What are the advantages and disadvantages of outcome-based education?

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What is Results Based Instruction (OBE)?

Biggs and Tang  in their Results Based Training (OBE) Adaptation 3 Educating and Learning, illustrated three primary highlights of OBE:

State results of instructing;

instruct to improve the probability of most understudies accomplishing the results;

evaluate how well results have been accomplished utilizing genuine appraisal.


With OBE, the focal point of results is to coordinate understudy execution with those required in the working environment (PIDP 3210 Educational plan Improvement Course Guide August, 2013). McMaster College sees this as a strength as it gives ". . . congruity between undergrad, postgraduate and proceeding with schooling" (Results Based Training 2010, para 2).

Evaluation of results is finished utilizing genuine appraisal devices. Battersby states: "Key to the results approach [in BC] is a way to deal with evaluation that underlines 'credible appraisal' … [i.e.,] making tasks that animate however much as could reasonably be expected the [real-life beyond class] circumstances in which understudies would utilize the information, abilities and values stressed in the course" (as refered to in PIDP 3210 Educational plan Improvement Course Guide August, 2013, page 47).


Pundits express that building learning results can be troublesome and tedious (Ellington, H., Lord, S et al., 1996).

While educating to improve the probability of most understudies accomplishing the results would give off an impression of being a benefit, it can make difficulties for educators especially in the K-12 educational system where underlying overt repetitiveness is the technique used to oversee understudy variety in information (Lawson and Askell-Williams, 2007).

I as of late discovered that a nearby college is moving towards having every one of their projects in view of the OBE system. Considering that I was going to set out on redoing a web-based perinatal course for graduated RNs taking their a country nurture specialty confirmation I was extremely quick to find out about the benefits and detriments of utilizing OBE.

In my examinations I discovered that few nations, remarkably Western Australia, the USA and South Africa tested OBE in their essential and optional frameworks yet there was a ton of resistance from general society about how it neglected to convey fundamental abilities in math and sciences as on account of South Africa's insight (Rice, 2010) and challenges with evaluations in Australia. Donnelly (2007) noted analysis of OBE in the USA incorporated a deficiency of essential instructive material because of zeroing in such a great amount on the course of schooling and the colossal measure of time expected of educators for evaluations.

As I managed the readings specifying the hindrances about OBE I really wanted to feel that these difficulties could be offset by the upsides of adjusting learning results to work environment jobs and obligations.

The focal point of OBE is to guarantee congruity for understudies are they travel through the school system and into the work place. This arrangement of schooling and preparing is established in grown-up training practices of experiential learning and self-reflection (PIDP 3210 Educational plan Improvement Course Guide August, 2013). This implies that I really want to make learning results that will draw in the grown-up student so as to empower them to coordinate the ideas, disposition and abilities expected for the working environment. The learning results would have to obviously express these.

Learning Results

1. Should be clear, significant and incorporate the information, abilities and perspectives that the RN will expect to deal with a perinatal unit

2. Should be quantifiable - and keeping in mind that I value that OBE puts the emphasis on the understudy's norm and not a widespread norm, with regards to obstetrical consideration there are laid out rules that should be met. Results will mirror this.

3. Educate to improve the probability of most understudies accomplishing the results

4. This course is for graduate medical attendants. Results will expand on existing information and abilities.

5. There will be mid term marks for continuous tasks (conversation gathering and contextual investigations) with criticism gave so understudies will have a potential chance to construct and develop their abilities.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of outcome-based education?